How to navigate ""

The structure of the site is based on the technique of "Frames":
the main title page has two horizontal frames and the upper one will devide one more time into two more frames as you enter the site. After this, throughout the rest of you will see three horizontal frames.

The top frame with the word Sakartvelo serves as a link to the main title page, which will take you all the way to the entrance of the site no matter where inside the site you happpen to be.

The bottom frame will provide you with quick access to some frequently requested pages within the site (such as "What's New" or "Contents") and allow you to send feedback to the author at any time.

However, if your monitor has low resolution, small size, or both, or if you hate frames, then the main (central) frame may appear too narrow and you may prefer to try the no-frames version of the site by using specially designated alternative entrance. In this case, it should be noted that was designed as a frames-based server, and, therefore, in my opinion, the "no frames" version lacks some of the convinient features of the original (frames-based) one, like immidiate access to the title-page (top frame) and to other frequesntly requested links (bottom frame).

As I have already mentioned elsewhere, this site is an attempt to pull together and organize a collection of links to all online resources related to the Country of Georgia or Sakartvelo that are currently available on the World Wide Web.

This collection of links is broken down by topics and is organized into almost three dozen chapters, which are listed in the "Contents of the Site". The list of contents will appear in the main (central) frame when you enter the site. From there you can proceed to the chapter(s) of your choice.

In the bottom of each chapter you will find three navigational buttons, which will allow you to move between the chapters:

You may choose to start with the first chapter and explore the chapters one by one, or you may go directly to the chapter that interests you most.

Important! please read attentively, thank you!

The internal links (chapters) of the site will open in the central frame, while all the external links will open a new window of the browser - like the one that you are currently reading. This should allow the visitors to fully experience outside resources.

When the user is ready to return to the chapter of "" that is being explored,

the new window of the browser should be closed!

(Windows 95 users please do so by clicking on the "X" box in the upper right corner of the border of the browser window, Macintosh users please click on the blank box in the upper left corner, while Windows 3.1 users will need to double-click on "--" box in the same upper left corner).

The users of the frame-based version can easily detect the new window:
If at any time after you enter "" you don't see the top frame:

this means that you are viewing an outside resource in a new window, which you should close when you decide to return.

Users of the "no frames" version will have to use their judgement and be attentive, so that they do not have too many windows open simultaneously and don't run out of memory.

Now please close this window as described above and this will return you to "".

If you have questions, suggestions or complaints about the structure of the site, please don't hesitate to let me know about it.

Thank you very much!