A Bibliography of Basic Items on Georgian Language
From the online grammatical description of the Georgian Language put together by P. J. Hillery and which is meant to act as a first source for those interested in the details of how the language works.

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A biblogoraphy of French, English, and Italian sources
Compiled by a French scholar Pierre-Yves Bertrand.

Bibliographical Entries
Compiled by Mr. David Zlotchenko who tries to develop a comprehensive list of citations to the literature and other publications about Goergia available through Interlibrary loans or human network. Please send your entries with complete citation and availability to him.

Revaz Gachechiladze
"The New Georgia: Space, Society, Politics."

College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1995.
First published in 1995 by University College London Press.
ISBN 0-89-096-703-2.
The book covers a variety of topics, including the geopolitical situation, the historical/geographical background, population dynamics, social problems, ethnicity and religion.

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George Hewitt
"Georgian: A Learner's Grammar".

ISBN 0-415-10273-1 (paperback) and 0-415-13324-6 (hardcover)
London: Routledge, 1996.

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Professor Aronson
"Georgian: A Reading Grammar"

ISBN is 0-89357-207-1
SLAVICA Publishers, Inc., PO Box 14388, Colombus, Ohio 43214, USA.

NOVA Science Publishers Inc
Sometimes publishes books about Georgia and by Georgian authors.

One of these books is:

Mary Ellen Chatwin:
"Socio-Cultural Transformation and Foodways in the Republic of Georgia"

Nova Science Publishers, Inc., Commack, New York, ISBN 1-56072-440-4